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About Us

Dreamhands Tattoo Studio was first established in 2008 and have settled in a studio, in the heart of Auckland city, on Karangahape Road. The studio provide our tattoo artists with a creative working environment where we can produce unique customized tattoos to suit every client. Our studio is privileged to accommodate talented professional tattoo artists who provide their own individual style to every design.

Contact Information

Dreamhands Tattoo Studio is open 7 days a week, from 11am to 7pm, where you are welcome to pop in for a free consultation. If you would like to arrange an appointment with any one of our artists, please feel free to call us on 09 308 9303 or flick us an e-mail to dreamhandstattostudio@gmail.com. Our working hours are flexible and we are also happy to accommodate walk-in tattoo sessions on availability.

Price and inquiries

It is best if you can provide any references of the tattoo you want and then the tattoo artist will incorporate and design an unique style accordingly to suit your preferences. Please note, we cannot accept to copy and paste images from the internet to be tattooed as the artists specializes in original customized tattoos.

The cost of tattoos may vary depending on the size, time, placement and details of the tattoo which is difficult to estimate over the internet. We will provide you an estimation and a confirmed price once you are available to pop in for a free consultation.

We do accept bookings by e-mail and phone for consultations but the session times will need to be confirmed after you have visited our studio. There is a deposit fee also if you want a customized tattoo which will be deducted later for the final price of the tattoo.

Our Latest Work

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